vineri, 15 martie 2013

Gold tube bracelets

Today I’ll show you how to make a delightful bracelet using basic component, the string.

For single, adjustable gold tube bracelets, you’ll need:

 ·         a curved noodle tube bead

 ·         2 feet of chinese knoting cord

 ·         an embroidery needle

 ·         2 spacer beads

Start by cutting the knotting cord into 2 12 inch pieces. Thread a gold noodle tube bead through one of the strands and cross the ends.

 And now, all that’s left is the sliding closure! Similar to our macrame bracelet, fold the 2nd strand over the overlapping ends and start tying square knots. Fold the top cord over the bottom cord . . .

. . . and bring the top cord under both the bottom and middle overlapping strands through the loop, into a knot.

 Repeat the same step on the right side.

Continue to make 5-6 more knots.

To finish the knots, thread one of the cords onto a needle and sew up the center of 2-3 knots along the backside. Pliers will help pull the needle through the tight knots.

 Trim away any excess cord.

 Thread two gold spacer beads onto each cord and tie the tips into a knot. Trim.

 That's all for the one int he pictures above.You can also make a similar bracelet usig beads or making knots as you can see in the pictures below.


 Hope you'll have fun making this bracelts.


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