miercuri, 30 ianuarie 2013


Hi! :)
We are the owners of this blog, a creative couple passionate of making hand made jewelry.We like especially making colourfull jewelry from eco-friendly materials such as string, fimo, fabric.
This blog will present our work and how-to tutorials about different methods of realising jewelry. I'll try to write it both in our native language which is Romanian but also in English because we like to meet people from all over the world passionate and creative like us.
Our jewelry can be bought from our online store from Breslo or sending an email with the picture of the item you want, your adress and anything else you want to specify.
Because we love pictures and I don't want this post to be short or pictures empty I attach pictures with jewelry similar to what we make.
                                                                         Pictures source: Etsy, Tumblr

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  1. aaaaa deci ai si blog ! Ce faaaain !
    Imi plac super mult alea intr-o singura culoare turbata, poti sa imi faci asa? Vreau una roz si una albastra.
    Si ti le platesc , desigur :)